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Company Profile

Twenty years ago, Ciber was founded and had created revolutionary ideas for new

ways of body training. Our team has been redefining and redeveloping current body

training products on the market. Through relentless research, we are proud to

announce that we have come up with unique body-training products that change the

whole body-training landscape.  We are honored to have customers from all over the

globe, who recognize Ciber's progress over the years. 

Here is a quick overview of our main product line, 

        Sport-Mill- An all-rounded body and cardio machinethat originates from the idea

of a traditional Chinese mill. While training with SportMill, users can rest assured that

they received minimal injuries to any parts of his or her body. SportMill has distinguished 

 itself from thetraditional treadmills by its unique back-and-forth movement.


          Dynaso- An excellent dome for variety of balance training  

          Fit-Chair- Whether for home or office usage, FitChair provides users with new 

perspective for sitting.FitChair automatically adjusts the user's sitting posture to prevent

user from potential spinal injuries from incorrect sitting postures.

          PVC-free Ball & Cushion-Traditional Gym ball and balance cushion are made

of PVC, but PVC material has many weakness in health and environment issue, our mpany 

design new process to make these series products in no-PVC material it benefit end user

and environment. 

          We are confident that users will benefit from our products and enjoy using them at

the same time. All products are worldwide patented. We will never stop working to deliver

our customers with revolutionary products while providing outstanding customer service

at the same time. 





Ciber Industrial Co., Ltd .

E-mail : 

TEL : 886-4-7774967    Fax : 886-4-7774994 

Address : No.77-3, Qipan Ln., Lukang ,Changhua County (50548), Taiwan.